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Reducing stress before exam (part.2)


How to manage your emotions?

In stressful situations, you can experience different emotional experiences, sometimes emotions, so capture a person that they begin to interfere with him in life. How can you effectively manage your emotional state?

  • In stressful situations, emotions come to the fore, and the ability to think rationally decreases. Therefore, if the brain load of some mental activity, then the emotional tension will decrease.

  • Try to be positive. The phrase "The case is complicated, but I will try, and everything will turn out well."

  • Use the skills of auto-training: you can just sit in a relaxed state and listen to quiet music.

  • If you can not struggle with what's bothering you, then just use anxiety for some creative work.

  • Good physical activity helps: running, gymnastics, swimming, walking in the fresh air

  • Do something for others: - feel yourself necessary to someone else.

  • Draw your emotions: when we see our feelings - we can control, change, supplement them.

  • Try to talk out. Best of all - with a specialist or one closest person.

  • Take a shower or bath. Water helps relieve tension.

Visit museums or exhibitions, watch a good film, read an interesting book - the perception of beauty helps restore a good mood.