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Reducing stress before the exam (part.1)

Reducing stress before the exam

Methods for reducing stress are recommended:

There are people who are only exhilarated by stress and, in the face of stress, prepare themselves especially for the exam and successfully pass it. But there are people of another warehouse: to whom the stress before the exam only hinders. He knocks them out of the rut, they can not concentrate and prepare well for the exam. Under stress they show lower results than usual. In such cases, it is desirable to reduce the level of stress.

How to reduce your stress before the exam?

Try different options for stress reduction exercises available in this article. They do not have to be done all at once, you can choose what is most suitable for you. At the same time, these exercises are quite compatible with each other:

1. Exercise "Frontal-occipital girth" ("Front-occipital position")

It is intended for self-tuning to any kind of activity, for successful assimilation of new information and for the removal of psychoemotional stresses.


Both hands are superimposed on the head. You can do this exercise yourself, but in more severe cases it will be more effective if the hands of a kinesiologist, a close person or just a person whom you trust put your hands on. It was found that with this position, the severity of emotional experiences is reduced, which makes it easier to relieve stress than without applying the hands on the head.

The breathing during this exercise should be done deep, even (without delays). This is especially important for relieving stress. Finish the exercise with a deep breath-exhalation. After that, take your hands off your head.There may be different ways to use this exercise:

Setup for work

Put one palm on the forehead, and the other on the back of the head (above the occiput mounds). The choice of hands is arbitrary. Following the leader or independently repeat the following text: "Everything bad is behind me. All good is ahead. I am completely present here and now, with all my thoughts. I am fully present at the lesson. I am calm and considerate. I feel good. I understand the teacher well. I want to benefit from this lesson. I'm ready to go. " Repeat 2-3 times.

Stress reduction

To alleviate emotional stress in a similar manner in the fronto-occipital position against the background of a uniform deep breathing, "is thought through", any negative life situation that causes stress is recalled or represented. The situation should not be analyzed, but only imagined its course. It is advisable to repeat the "thinking" of the situation 2-3 times.

To enhance the positive effect of the exercise, you can additionally mentally change the situation to a more favorable one for you, so that it ends in your favor. The main thing is a positive transformation of the situation, it does not matter if the methods are fantastic and unrealizable really.

2. Exercise "Points of the Earth"Designed to better understand the information received.


The combined index and middle fingers of one hand should be applied to the pit under the lower lip (VC-24 point for acupuncture classification), and the four fingers of the other hand (all except the large one) - to the pubis. Breathe in 1-2 seconds and exhale in 3-6 seconds. Breathe it for 30 seconds.

Change the position of the hands and repeat the exercise.